How to Use an Ozone Generator

The concept of ozone is relatively simple.  You only need to turn on the machine for a specific length of time and let it do the job of destroying odors, killing mold, sanitizing germs, or cleansing the air.  However, there is more to the use of ozone than knowing how to use the on/off switch.

The size of the equipment compared to the size of the treatment area or building will vary greatly.  This leaves open the question of too much or too little ozone production.  Some ozone generator promoters advocate buying an oversized ozone generator to place in the building using several fans to circulate the air through the building.  Not the smartest approach.

If the ozone generation is too small, the ozone promoter will suggest running the generator for an extended period of 8, 12, and even 24 hours.  Who wants to vacate their home that long when it is not necessary?

We suggest using one, two, or three units depending on the size of the treatment area, and most treatments are 2-4 hours in length.  Figure 10,000 mg/hr (10G) per 1000 sq ft as a rule of thumb.  So, the average home can be treated with a 30,000 mg/hr (30G) machine to do the job.

In fact, there are a dozen basic rules for the correct use of an ozone generator.  This is why we offer the "Basic Ozone Training" from the National Ozone Insitute for those who want to use ozone the right way.