How to Start a Sanitizing Service

If ever there was the perfect time to start a sanitizing service, this is it.  In previous years, sanitizing was maybe number five on a list of six things people that were important.  After COVID-19, sanitizing became number one in a big way.  As you start your sanitizing business, prepare to be more than what others are offering.  You can expect competition, so think of how you will stand out and stand above the competition.

Let's start with training and certifications.  NOAI offers the best-recognized and more worth-while training and certification.  NOAI was created more than ten years ago by people in the service industry and does the best job of training and support.  Not only do you get superior training; you get support.  As you start out, there are a number of hurdles and you will have a lot os questions.  The ability to call in and get your questions answered is unbelievably important.

The NOAI training courses allow for upward and lateral movement.  We know that not everyone is the same, has the same background, and expands in the same direction.  Our training allows for people in the cleaning, HVAC, air duct service, mold remediation, or a novice to step into the sanitizing service with a minimal of mistakes.

Start a Sanitizing Service

We see the broader picture. which is the larger umbrella of indoor air quality (IAQ).  Under this umbrella, there are multiple options for the continued growth of your business.  One of those areas is sanitizing.  But consider if you were the customer looking for a sanitizing service.  One company makes a bid to sanitizing the building.  Then, you arrive to bid on the job.  We will say that both bids are close in price.  Your bid however offers SIX BENEFITS to the one benefits of the first bid.

  1. Hospital Grade sanitizing and disinfection with an EPA registered and eco-safe Green products
  2. The treatment kills surface mold in unsuspected areas
  3. The treatment will neutralize odors at the source
  4. The process will "Strip the Air" of unwelcome particulates (pollen, mold spores, allergens, toxic dust)
  5. The process also "Detoxifies and Decontaminates" the common issue of Sick and Toxic buildings from VOCs, pollution, and toxins.
  6.  And ....  your treatment will inhibit reinfection for days after the treatment instead of hours with the other service.

If the price is roughly the same, which will any intelligent person choose?  And, that is why working with NOAI to start your business is a very smart decision.  

The other big reason is really very important.  It is the cost of getting started.  For $2750, you get everything you need to start your business without the guesswork of what is actually needed.