Make Money with This Non-Franchise Business

Right now, you can find a variety of franchise options offering sanitizing, odor removal, specialty cleaning, or other remediation services.  These are complete systems with a national footprint, but at a very heavy price.  But, the $25,000 to $50,000 price slams the door hard for those without the resources to pay the upfront fee.  Then there is the monthly franchise fee that sometimes seems like the franchise owns you regardless of calling you an independent business owner.

There is a better way to get a great business idea started.  We have set up three affordable steps to start a successful service business.  There are many areas of opportunity in our system, they all fall under the IAQ banner, meaning indoor air quality.  To start a service business in sanitizing, odor removal, specialty cleaning, building detoxification, or even mold remediation; you need to get a good education and business plan.

We have helped energetic people get started in business for nearly twenty years.  It is never easy, but the promise of success is made more possible by avoiding mistakes and some experienced guidance.  

If you are one of those rare types who is driven to succeed and not afraid to work hard at the task, you need to check out our FWS Business system.  And, there are two ways to get started.  One is three payments as you progress through the training, and a third is for equipment, product, marketing, and support.  This adds up to about $3000.  

The second way is a one time payment of $2750 for everything you will need and our ongoing support, branding, and promotion of your business.  This even includes your branded website with our specialized marketing that focuses on building your local image.