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National Ozone AssociationThus far, ozone remediation services have been an unregulated industry.  To deter lawmakers from dictating policy for ozone treatments, NOAI has collaborated with real ozone applicators and best available information to create the "Best Practices for Ozone Remediation Services".  After months to development, NOAI is now offering this 40 page review to establish a baseline, encourage comment and feedback, and build a standard for professional ozone treatment services.  If anyone is currently in the ozone remediation service business or planning to start such a business, we encourage reader to get his invaluable document.   Read More ...

Start an Odor Removal BusinessOzone services  are emerging as a reliable and bona fide startup business with many real world applications.  In the early days, you could buy an ozone generator off the Internet and go out on gut instinct.  

Many tried, and many failed because there is a lot of distance between  a good idea and a good business.  There is often a lot on the line so, this is not the time to "Fly by the Seat of your Pants."  The cost of doing it right isn't that much, and what is offered by the National Ozone Association give you all the training, tools, and support you need to make your business profitable and successful.

My advise is simple, "Do it Right, or Don't do it all All".  Every business startup has a ton of unseen challenges,
and it takes time to break through to the kind of profits we all hope to achieve as a vital service business.

Access to discounts on products, education, and support is very important to your overall success.  Those who choose to "Go it Alone" are prone to failure.  NOAI is a very small investment in your present and future success.  

NOAI offers a great support process that allows ozone services to become profitable and deliver better services.  There is more to the business than buying an ozone generator.  There is no resources for many ozone services after the purchase, and the start-up phase is a critical time that needs professional guidance.  

NOAI is your business support center.  Get product discounts, education course discounts, a great credential, and tremendous support as a NOAI member.    Read More

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