The Odor Removal Business

Odor RemvalDo you remember when ozone services built their business primarily on odor removal?  That market has been overshadowed by the demand for sanitization against the COVID-19 pandemic.  That market still exists as does the need for mold remediation in thousands of homes and businesses.  

There are still toxic and semi-toxic buildings in every city making thousands and thousands of people suffer day by day.  Whether specialty cleaning services or solving IAQ problems for those with allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities; those problems still exist.

These service needs have not gone away, but they been on hold as the COVID-19 virus sucks up available resources.  What is important to know is that these basic problems will resurge as COVID-19 becomes part of history.  Services that want to be more than a flash in the pan will need to adjust but not forget their primary focus.

For one thing, sanitizing is now part of the new fabric of society.  Sanitizing moved from an incidental concern to the number one concern overnight.  

I suggest that you INCLUDE SANITIZING in your service as a standard benefit.  This is pretty simple actually.  Ozone is a sanitizing service even though effective for odor removal.  

What we consider a "Liquid Ozone" that can be fogged in the building offers six benefits, and one benefit is a hospital-grade sanitizer and disinfectant.  We use Decon Five as our version of liquid ozone.  But, Decon Five also kills mold and mildew on contact, strips the air of particulates like pollen and mold spores, neutralizes odors at the source, and detoxifies and decontaminates toxic and sick buildings.

If you use ozone for treatments, shorten the ozone time by two-thirds and follow the treatment with Decon Five.  The results will improve and you will spend less time on the job.

I also suggest that everyone using ozone, offering sanitizing services, or that may be in some aspect of indoor environmental treatments consider expanding your skills to the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) services.  This is our future, not COVID-19 sanitizing only.  See Link