Offering Sanitizing and IAQ Services in Ohio

Londell Smith has done a spectacular job in the creation and growth of OMG Sanitizing in the Lima Ohio area.  Londell worked extensively to become a true professional in the areas of professional sanitizing and indoor air quality concerns.  The growth of his company has been outstanding, and his reputation set his company apart from all other services.

The three step approach to sanitizing include EPA registered and eco-safe solutions that does not compound one problem on top of another.  When sanitizing a building, it is often true that the chemicals used to sanitize actually add to the toxic air conditions of the building.  By comparison, the treatments by OMG sanitizing solve five critical IAQ issues instead of one sanitizing service.  This includes killing surface mold, stripping harmful particles and allergens from the air, neutralizing odors, and detoxifying sick buildings.

By adding probiotics to the final process, OMG Sanitizing restores the natural biome that inhibits reinfection for days after the treatment.

OMG Sanitizing offers a free assessment of the sanitizing and IAQ needs of the building that includes real-time testing of the facility to identify latent threats.  Regardless of the environmental concerns, OMG Sanitizing has well=proven solutions that are more effective that what else is on the market.  See.