Oxy, Oxygen, O3, and Ozone Generators

It is a reality check when we realize that something like oxygen is a critical part of our lives in more than the simple act of breathing.  Oxygen is a fungible (easily exchanged) element in our world.  When it comes to cleaning, you now hear of OXY or OXI empowered products that clean and whiten better.  Oxygen, oxy, and ozone are in the same family that uses extra oxygen atoms to solve problems.

To remove the mystery and hype from ozone, it is important to know that ozone is a form of oxygen that could be termed enriched oxygen as the process takes normal O2 oxygen found in our air, breaks it apart, and reconfigures it as O3.  That is three oxygen atoms temporarily bonded.  But, the third oxygen atom is "loose" meaning it easily drops off when it finds an available substance it can oxidize.  

Oxidation is a small, everyday miracle in our world happening all the time.  In your body, the white blood cells use a single oxygen atom to kill off disease.  

"Red and white blood cells have two main functions: the carriage of oxygen; and defense against microbial attack."  In fact, your blood oxygen level is very important in measuring the healthy operation of your body.

We can use medicines to fight disease, but a high level of oxygen in the body is a huge value to your overall health.  The lack of oxygen in the body will weaken it and open the door for a variety of diseases.  

Water is not water without oxygen.  In fact, how many chemicals or elements have the "O" in their molecular makeup?  

So, we come to ozone as an application that is so poorly understood.  The question is haunting.  If ozone is enriched oxygen, why isn't it something that is endorsed, promoted, and part of our life?  The answer is simple.  There is no profit for manufacturers for something as commonly available as ozone.  Why is there no money spent on advertising, education, or finding applications for ozone to make our lives better?

Oxygen is everywhere.  It isn't owned by anyone, other than God.  Anyone can buy an ozone generator and use this enriched oxygen to treat their home, offices, stores, or schools.  

Even if a company could bottle ozone, it would revert back to O2 in less than an hour.  Like selling water to someone who has a stream of freshwater on their land, the profit is simply not there.  Yet, the value is incredible.  We cannot live for more than a few minutes without oxygen.  We would not have water to drink.  Live as we know it would be as barren as a distant planet that had an atmosphere devoid of oxygen.

Ozone is a gift.  It is available on-demand and goes away without leaving any residue.  When applied in elevated levels, it does what oxygen always does.  It makes our lives better if you use it with proper care.