Ozone and Allergy Relief

One of the surprising benefits of ozone is the relief experienced by allergy sufferers after the ozone treatment has been applied.  The positive benefits are often immediate and profound.  

Pet who are animal lovers but experiencing allergy symptoms as well as dog or cat odors often find that weekly ozone treatments are a great way to keep their house smelling better and their allergies under control.

There is no one reason for the reason ozone improves the air quality.  The National Air Quality Institute suggests that even dust mites are affected by ozone.  Thee microscopic creatures are in every home and live mostly on the skin flakes of humans and pets.  During digestion, the dust mites put out a protein that aggravates allergic conditions.

The other factor may be the bacteria that comes from normal activity.  Animals provide greater advantage for bacteria to multiply.  This is because of oils, hair, urine, and general behaviors like licking all kinds of objects.  Ozone will reduce dust mites and their allergenic deposits.  Ozone will reduce bacteria that constantly grow and actually produce odors.

Basically, the proof is in trying ozone to see its impact on your home and your family.  Regardless of the science, we have a vast number of reports that ozone has brought relief to allergy sufferers as well as a better smell to the house.

To try this for yourself, use the 1530G MAXX for 30-60 minutes over a period of days.  Do not get aggressive and treat for longer periods.  Weekly or alternative day treatment actually work best.

Pet or humans can't be in the treatment areas.  Put them in the garage or back porch so the shared air of the heating system does not push the ozone in common areas.  Don't worry about fish.  They will be fine.

Let the house air out for 10-15 minutes and resume normal activities.  You should feel the positive benefits right away.  Then, determine the routine for future ozone treatments.  Since it is unlikely that you will live pet-free, the problems will return.  So, a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly cycle will work best according to your need.

The 1530G MAXX has a builtin timer.  Set it for 30-60 minutes and leave for about 90 minutes.  When you return, open the windows or doors for 10-15 minutes and enjoy the benefits.