The Ozone Authority for Ozone Services

Ozone AuthorityWith so many ozone pundits and promoters on the Internet, we were pleased that the National Ozone Association is the trust resource and ozone information resource for the ozone service community.

Statcounter shows us that we are getting 300-400 visitors per day.  This has been done without advertising and paid ads.  This is called organic growth as an authority website that provides the best training and information that professionals and amateurs ozone services.  For nearly a decade, the National Ozone Association has stood as an independent service to promote ozone and other associated remediation services.

From the beginning, there have been a variety of self-appointed ozone experts who made claims that were good, many were misrepresented, and others facts were simply wrong.  One example is pumping ozone into a car from outside through a tube.  It is clear science that high heat and humidity seriously reduce ozone production.  So, it is foolish to put the ozone generator in the hot, humid outside air rather than putting it inside with the AC running.

Over this last decade, many entrepreneurs have stepped forward to start an ozone and/or remediation service.  They learned to treat and remove odors, mold, allergens, and sanitize buildings.  The National Ozone Association offered the training, certification, equipment, marketing, and support that improved the success of those businesses.

Anyone thinking of starting an ozone business or remediation service should connect with NOAI for training and support.  Check out our courses, website, and programs.