Why I call Ozone our Brute Force Application

I find it interesting that people think of the natural or eco-safe solutions are less effective than the chemical products.  This is probably due to the massive amount of advertising and extreme hype of competitive advertizing.  

You see, manufacturers cannot often claim a special benefit from something like salt or wood that is found in nature.  They must always add something to the raw product to make it special and better.  While this can work in numerous illustrations, these benefits or improvements often come with some downsides. 

Professional remediators have used ozone treatments for several decades.  It is not EPA registered though acknowledged as process used in a wide variety of application.  But, there seems to yet be a great deal of misinformation, mystery, and ignorance about ozone and how it is to be used.  This is one of the reasons that NOAI exists.  NOAI seeks to develop standards, training, certification, and public understnding of natural solutions that counter the pollution of our homes and buildings.the 

While ozone is not the only tool used by professional remediators, it is often one of their best solutions.  Ozone is nothing more then enriched oxygen as the ozone generator converts normal O2 oxygen to O3 ozone.  In the O3 form, the extra atom of oxygen drops off when it encounters a malicious target and oxidizes it.  We raise the level of available ozone with ozone generator so that the oxidatin process happens billions of times every minute.  As a result, ozone literally changes the threat at the atom level making it a neutralized oxide.  

Ozone treatments are rather intense.  People and pets must be out fo the treatment area.  In about 3-4 hours, the ozone will remediate the area leaving only a pool-like chlorine smell that soon dissipates.  Take note that there are no chemicals used in a typical treatment, and there is no toxic residue.  The O3 eventually reverts back to O2, making ozone a very sustainable and renewable resource that can be used to solve a variety of problems.

We call ozone a "Brute Force" because it has an immediate solution that has proven impact on odors, mold, germ, and toxic conditions.  If there has been a good cleaning ahead of the treatment, ozone can be a singular solution to a variety of IAQ issue.  Ozone is a great indoor air quality option. In light of the proven power of ozone as a sanitizer, a nightly treatment of about an hour will effectively actually sanitize the area.