Sanitizing with Ozone

Best Ozone MeterCOVID-19 is another form of the coronavirus that has threatened our world nine times before.  This has caused a renewed interest in ozone as a sanitizing and disinfecting process.  Ozone has been used in commercial and medical applications to kill all types of pathogens.  Even your dentist may be using medical-grade ozone to treat plaque and disease in your gums and treat.  Ozone is used in large and small aquariums to kill off the common diseases that affect the fish.  Even water treatment plants have used ozone to purify water.  Farmers use ozonated water to clean and sanitize eggs and produce.

It is, therefore, a well-established point that ozone is an effective and powerful sanitizing and disinfecting treatment.  Ozone kills a broad spectrum sanitizer that is able to kill nearly all types of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.  

The big question is "How Much Ozone is needed?" and "How big an ozone generator do I need?"  

That question is extremely hard to answer.  You can buy a too small or too large an ozone generator, but we suggest that the 32G (32,000 is the optimum size for ozone treatments.  If more power is needed, you simply add another 32G to adjust for the size of the building.  The other factor is the time or duration of the ozone treatment.  An average treatment is 1-4 hours, but never more than 8 hours unless the situation is dire and extreme.

Reports now tell us that ozone will kill the coronavirus at 5 ppm, and this treatment requires 30-60 minutes.  So, rather than debating HOW BIG an ozone generator is needed, you should use a quality ozone meter that will log the ozone levels during the treatment. We have tried many of these units, and we have found one unit that agrees with our standards of accuracy, durability, and useability.  In addition, the price is quite fair at $495.

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