Find an Ozone Professional

Sanitizing Service DirectoryThe National Ozone Association has trained hundreds of professional services across the United State, Canada, and many other countries.  We are proud to recommend these dedicated professionals that have been listed on our professional service directory.  

These professional services are trained, certified, and part of a national professional organization that promotes a high level of service.  These services may include:

  1. Odor removal
  2. Professional sanitizing of buildings
  3. Mold remediation
  4. Diagnosing IAQ issues including sick building
  5. Allergy abatement

The OMG network works with existing and new service businesses by offering training, products, equipment, marketing, and ongoing support to create successful local service businesses.

A true professional knows that ozone is only one of the great tools that may be needed to deliver a fantastic result for the customer.  Ozone is a tool that destroys odors at the source, kill mold and mildew, and it is a powerful sanitizing treatment.  As many are concerned about the latest coronavirus, our professionals have multiple treatments and products that can sanitize any home or building.