Is Ozone Enough for the Tough Jobs?

Early on, the start-up ozone entrepreneur usually runs into a wall that dashes their enthusiastic belief in ozone as the "Single Solution" to odor problems.  Over the years, I have seen many people start their ozone business with an all-out belief in the power of ozone.  Frankly, ozone is a legitimate and powerful solution, and it deserves to be respected as an environmentally-friendly solution that is a powerful solution to odor problems, sanitizing needs, allergy abatement, mold kill, and more.

My message to those getting into the ozone business is to get educated and allow for a learning cycle.  The National Ozone Association has given birth to hundreds of ozone service start-ups, and it is only fair to say that this business may be easy to start, but takes an effort to grow into a great income source.  The easy-entry opportunity can be deceptive.  This happens because the eager entrepreneur thinks that everyone is as excited as they are about the ozone solution.  Uh ... not really.

Here is a reality check.  People do not know about ozone; and if they research it, they will find some negative remarks ... even though they are misleading.  So, I see a huge marketing mistake that the novice ozone service person makes.  First of all, "Ozone is a Tool, not a Service."  So, if you are selling the tools as your claim to fame, expect a mixed response.

Instead, promote the service or solutions you offer.  Odor elimination is one service.  How you do it is not as important.  In fact, you may need to do more than run an ozone generator in the room.  We hear about enzymes, probiotics, chlorine dioxide, titanium oxide, antimicrobials, and essential oils to do many of the things that ozone is doing.  The best combination for professional remediation services is an initial treatment with ozone followed by a ULV fogger treatment with the proprietary NeoSan Restoration decontamination product.  To everyone's delight, the whole process is environmentally-safe and highly-effective.

Ozone businesses tend to dismiss and avoid the extra solutions that may be needed for difficult jobs.  Here again, this is because of a singular belief that ozone is the "End All" solution.  You cannot build a house with just a hammer, although it is necessary.  And, you cannot clean a building with a broom, although a broom is always needed to do the job.  There are other tools you will need.  So, I have no criticism for the inclusion of other tools in your service.  In fact, a comprehensive plan for a tough job will literally demand more than ozone.

Secondly, if every job can be done with just an ozone generator, your secret solution isn't very secret.  What keeps potential customers from renting or buying an ozone machine and cutting you out of the deal?  I know this would occur to my thoughts if I faced a $350 bill for an "ozone treatment."

Professional services will apply multiple services because they want to improve the overall performance of the job, and they prevent customers short-circuiting their program.  Take a page from the professionals who promote proprietary or more involved operations that customers can't duplicate.  When you offer a service with multiple tools, you improve the professional appeal of your service.

Finally, an ozone service will run into tough jobs where they achieve only a 60-70% improvement.  It happens!  What went wrong, because you can probably achieve a 90%+ results if you knew how to attack the problem better.  

The National Ozone Association is not a closed-minded program.  We actually teach how to offer a more broad scope of services and how to integrate other tools into a growing remediation service.  It starts with EDUCATION that we offer at, and then the ongoing support of professionals who have shown the way.  

Get started with the National Ozone Association by taking the Certified Ozone Technician course.  Then, add other professional training courses at least once a year to expand your mind, your knowledge, and your services to larger markets.  Join NOAI or Renew your membership by taking one or more educational courses.