Can you Bring in Ozone from the Outside?

Ozone GeneratorsSome Internet and Youtube ozone hype mongers suggesting putting the ozone generator outside the car or building and piping in the ozone with a hose?  Another suggests slightly opening a window to let more oxygen into the room during the treatment.  Let's example these loose ideas for their value.  Are they self-serving promotions simply meant to sell their ozone generators and laugh all the way to the bank while the customers de damned?

To lay a foundation, the whole idea of an ozone treatment is to substantially raise the saturation level of ozone in the car or room.  These levels are measured in PPM (part per million) which indicates an increase or decrease of ozone in the air.  

So, should we open a window when running an ozone generator for better operation?  To compare, you might go to the paint store to buy some blue paint.  To get the true blue color you want, the store person adds blue pigment to turn the white base paint to your true blue color.  One self-appointed expert decides that he should add more white base paint even as he adds the blue pigment,  Stupid right?  You will never get the color without making an excessive amount of paint because as he adds blue pigment, he adds more white paint.

They claim that the ozone generator is using up the available oxygen to make the ozone, so you need more oxygen.  Sounds about right, but the oxygen level in our air is always about 20%.  That doesn't change.  You can let some ozone out and fresh air in, but you cannot increase the oxygen supply.  You can water down (adulterate) the ozone supply by adding fresh air, but you won't increase the oxygen supply.

Here's the fact, you want a sealed area if you want to raise the ozone ppm.  As ozone works, the O3 drops off the extra oxygen atom and returns to O2 (normal status).  Ozone is short-lived.  If left to dissipate, it goes back to normal O2 oxygen in about 20-30 minutes.  But, if the ozone is doing the job, the ozone molecules are quickly returning to O2 because oxidation removes the extra oxygen atom.  You need to constantly recycle the O2 molecules which are now available in the room.  When the reversion of ozone is less than the ability to make ozone, the ppm level will "table" and may not go high enough to effectively do the job in the allocated time.

Now, how about putting the ozone generator outside the car and running it in by a house.  A novel idea I guess, but very stupid.  Ozone product drops dramatically when the air temperature and humidity is high.  Running an ozone generator at 70 degrees and less than 60% humidity will produce much more and better ozone than running it in 90-degree heat and 90% humidity.  This is universally true and it can be measure by a simple comparative test.

Yet, some promoters insist that running an ozone generator outside and pumping in the air is a near-genius idea.  

Ozone misinformation is everywhere, and you cannot rely on the Internet promoters to do more than hype their products and boasts to sell their equipment.  The National Ozone Association has spent a decade promoting quality training, professional standards, and integrity in the remediation service sector.