Who Certified Ozone Generators?

certified ozone generatorThe answer is to "Who certified ozone generators?" is "No one".  The National Ozone Association has developed a protocol for ozone generators that calls for honesty in advertising rather than the congenital hype of dozens of self-promoting ozone generator makers.

Calling for third-party validation of the advertised claims of equipment and performance seems a fair standard for all.  But asking for documentation for claims and honest in claims by ozone generator firm seems like selling garlic to vampires.  They much rather rely on Google, YouTube, and search engine marketing to boost their claims above their competitors.

How about a simple standard for the output and associated coverage area?  This is not an easy calculation since the type of treatment changes the need for ozone output or length of time.  So, a "treatment" for odor is different than killing mold.  Even the "treatment" for the doggie smell from one well-kept dog will differ from the house with four large dogs.

In another example, sanitizing with ozone can happen at a very low level since ozone kills pathogen, but clinical research says that the ozone saturation of 5 ppm for 30-60 minutes is the level needed to kills coronavirus.

The absolute absence of standards leaves the door wide open for any self-promoting hype-meister to produce volumes of YouTube infomercials that have no truth monitoring.  Websites can be posted and driven to Googe page one by paying Google for the AdWords.  

As a loose standard, NOAI states that every 5000 mg/hr of ozone output will treat 500 sq ft (or 5000 cubic feet) which should be enough to reach the 5 ppm level required for sanitizing.  Admittedly, this protocol is based on a simple process of controlled ozone application, but this gives everyone level ground for their claims.  All this requires is the ability to raise the ozone saturation level to a level that is proven to kill pathogens in the area.  In addition, this 5 ppm level needs to be achieved in no longer than 30 minutes.  To be fair, the output value can be further defined by the actual time to reach a 5 ppm level.  So, the designation is shown as 5/500/m with a suffix for the time required to reach.  If the unit achieved 5 ppm in 20 minutes, it would be rated as 5/500-20m.

The ozone generator certification review includes validating the various claims made in the advertising.  So, if the unit is built in the United States, this needs to be credibly supported.  

The National Ozone Association is simply a third-party review without bias.  Our team has built and used ozone generators for more than a decade, and they do the research that the average person cannot.  The goal is simple, we provide a level standard for performance and advertising claims.  Any warranties, repairs, or support comes from the manufacturer.

We do not expect many ozone generator companies to step-up to this challenge.  The real pressure comes from the consumers who will demand that the equipment be certified a independent certification facility.  As it is at this time, most companies know that they misrepresent their product.  However, if they hear from the buying public that consumers want the product certified, this will change.