Ozone Generator Failures

Ozone generator hypeHere's some some reasons why buying your first or next ozone generator is a mistake or a smart decision.  Price is one measure of the quality of the ozone generator, but not the major issue.  We believe that the "Build" or construction is the best way to make your decision on which system to buy.  Unfortunately, most people are not equipped to evaluate the construction, materials, and quality of the unit.  One of the worst choices is buying an ozone generator that we call "Hacked Air Blowers".  If the ozone generator started out as a vacuum cleaner or room air blower, avoid these machines.  The motors and parts in these builds were not created for a high ozone environment and will fail far too soon.

Anyone can build an ozone generator, but only a few do it well.  There are five big considerations for a good ozone generator.  Case, fan, transformers, plates or screen, and electrical parts.  Of these, the transformers and plates are most critical.  

You can spot a poor choice ozone generator by looking first at price.  If the system is low priced, it is most often destined to become a dust collector in your garage.  

If the ozone generator was made from some plastic box, toolcase, vacuum, or air mover; don't trust it.  They will hype these machines like crazy, but the realty is once they sell you, they don't care anymore.  Claims of warranties are only as good as the people who sold these machines.  If they sell over-hyped, garage-made equipment, be prepared to be badly treated for repairs.  Anyone can make a YouTube video making bold claims, but these promoters rarely live up to their hype.

There are some well-built and quality ozone generators on the market that will not only do the job but will last for years.  The National Ozone Association offers to review any ozone generator for the basic construction.  While we cannot promise to extend the "NOAI Approved" review, we look forward to guiding the buying public to the best choices for ozone generators.

Recently, we reviewed the construction and design of the 15/30G MAX from www.allozone.com.  In a crowd of ozone generators, this ozone generator was well above the rest in nearly every way.  We have never seen the use of heatsink ozone plates that allow the machine to run cool and last much longer than the competition.  The dual fan systems makes this unit more effective for air movement.  And, the modular design of the transformers and plates means that anyone can replace the key components and get a well-used machine back to like-new ozone output.  

The 15/30G MAX has earned the "NOAI Approved" seal, and we are recommending this system for the best price for a professional ozone generator.