Ozone Generators - Size Matters

Buy Ozone GeneratorOne of the most pressing questions when someone is considering buying an ozone generator is the size or volume of ozone output.  This industry seems to be driven by extremes.  Affordable ozone generators are often too small.  Large volume ozone machines are expensive.  It is our hope in this article to help drive the decision-making process.  After over a decade working with professional ozone services, we have come to some interesting conclusions.  

There is a "Sweet Spot" for ozone size that is being missed by most ozone generator promoters.  We find that ozone generators that boast 80,000 to 100,000 mg/hr are excessive and expensive.  And, units under 20,000 mg/hr are often too small and do not have the durability professionals need.

To start, large ozone generators of 80,000 to 100,000 mg/hr are not only expensive, but heavy and not very portable.  When a business invests that amount of money into one large generator, they can be hurt when the generator fails.  Business is interrupted, shipping is an added expense to the repair, and the cost of repair adds to the pain.

In addition, we find that large ozone generators "localize the ozone".  One central unit does not facilitate the even application of ozone because the facility has a variety of levels or rooms.  Ozone is slightly heavier than normal air so it doesn't spread evenly.  To compensate for the uneven ai flow, ozone services must also carry multiple fans to push the ozone around.  We have found that ozone generators at the 30,000 mg/hr (30G) can be strategically placed in the treatment areas has all the p[ower needed and provides an even application without using extra fans.

Smaller ozone generators under 20,000 mg/hr may work well for a closet or car, but the seller suggests treatments of 12, 24, and 48 hours.  Who wants to vacate the area for that length of time?  The majority of people buying these cheaper machines soon learn that the units quickly lose power and fail.  Finally, there is no U.S. repair service, so these systems are eventually destined to dust collectors in the garage or basement.

When using 30,000 mg/hr ozone generators, it is good to own 2-4 units that deliver plenty of ozone volume and can be placed throughout the building for an effective ozone treatment.  If one fails, your business is not shut down.