Ozone Generator Review

Ozone Equipment CertificationWith the confusion about Ozone Generators, the National Ozone Association is pleased to report on the better equipment for those seeking quality equipment.  NOAI Approved® is a federal trademark "NOAI Approved®".  This may be applied for commercial installations, farming applications, water treatment facilities, aquariums, and water reclamation programs.  The National Ozone Association offers a reputable, third-party inspection and certification program for commercial ozone

The symbol indicates that the equipment has been inspected and specifications for the safe and proper use of the equipment are per known limits of EPA, FDA, OSHA, and the manufacture.  In addition, the systems are evaluated per the standards of the National Ozone Association.  The effective use of ozone and the safety measures to assure worker safety, overall performance, and environmental safeguards are part of the comprehensive review with the NOAI Approved® certification.

Remediation and Industrial Ozone Equipment

- Commercial Laundry Systems
- Waste Water Reclamation
- Water Treatment Systems
- Grain Preservation Systems
- Ozonated Water Cleaning Systems
- Veternarian Cleaning Systems
- Farm and Animal Systems
- Cooling Tower Water Treatment
- Bottling Sanitizing Systems
- Disinfection Systems using Aqueous Ozone
- Pool and Spa Ozone System

Please contact us about your ozone application.  We will work with you to develop a proper review systems and assure quality operation of your system.  Manufacturers are welcome to contact our office for the review program that would allow your equipment to display the NOAI Approved seal on each unit.  Our goal is greater acceptance of ozone as an environmentally-preferred solution, professional and safe operation, and due diligence for quality assurance.