Ozone is a Tool - Remediation is the Service

Activated Hydrogen Peroxide This is an important message to all ozone-type businesses who have found that they spend more time explaining or defending ozone as a great solution for many environmental ills.  Why is ozone the first or only thing we present?  Does a mechanic explain how a torque wrench works, or does he fix the car?  Ozone is a tool, not our singular identity; and it is my goal to raise our collective vision to a new horizon.  For the professional ozone (as good as it may be) is a tool, like a hammer to a builder, or a wrench to a mechanic.  We should not be known for the tools we use but the service we deliver.  

Understand your mission or purpose.  We fix problems ... particularly environmental problems like foul odors, mold, infection threats, bad indoor air quality, and bad health buildings.  This may require a cleaning effort, HEPA filtration, duct cleaning carpet cleaning, mold removal, etc.  We can never discount ozone as a valued part of the solution, but there are other tools that may be brought to the job to deliver superior results.

Here's the bottom line of this what I term my War on Ozone Abuse.  Ozone has been misused, abused, and badly applied about the ill-informed amateurs have little to no training except what is clandestinely collected from the Internet.  YouTube promoters or Google adword buyers are over-hyping ozone and misleading people in what is otherwise a great idea.  The same promoters slander the National Ozone Association while claiming that ozone is the universal cure ... if you buy their garage-built machines.  

LOOK ... owning an ozone generator is not difficult.  Anyone can do it, and more and more people will jump this easy-to-enter business with little to no education or professional experience.  The core issue is if anyone can do it, why pay you a premium price unless you are a premium service?  Would you pay more for an expensive lawn service when ten other lawn care companies stop by to do the job for half the price?

Professionals have Many Tools and Better Solutions

As a professional, you should have a combination that sets your service apart from all others.  More than two or three steps, we can supercharge the typical ozone service by what happens after the ozone.  Remember that ozone is topical, and many odors or pollutant are deeper in the material of the building.

I have seen guys pulling up the carpet to shoot ozone under the carpet hoping to destroy the pet urine odors.  Okay, but isn't there a better way to solve this issue?  I know there is.  Post-ozone treatment with Restoration will destroy embedded odors, destroy allergens, neutralize yer of accumulated chemical residue, and kill mold or mildew.  Yet, ozone services over-treat buildings with ozone trying to push ozone to overcome huge environmental problems.

Obvious, the National Ozone Association advocates for the proper use of ozone, but we have stood against some of the foolish errors that are often promoted by self-appointed gurus.  Too many ozone promoters tell their customers to buy large machines and "Crush the Odors" with massive doses of ozone.  If any of our readers have been drawn into the ozone business by braggadocios ozone promoters, take a step back and consider how you can retool to be a highly effective remediation service.

A good job may require more than knowing where the on/off switch is on an ozone generator.   I know that something as simple as a good cleaning prior to an ozone treatment is important to the job outcome.  I also know that no one tool solves all problems.  Ozone will kill mold, but every professional knows that proper remediation may require more than an ozone treatment.  So, we have all bought some extra products because we had ozone treatments that didn't fully remove smoke or pet smells.  Most times, these products were disappointing.

We have tried many products that could improve the overall performance, but none have impressed us as much at the activate hydrogen peroxide product called NeoSan Restoration.  Take note that there is no disloyalty to the ozone concept.  Hydrogen Peroxide is an oxidizer in liquid form even as ozone is an oxidizer in gaseous form.  They are in the same family and can work in tandem in a wonderful way.

In liquid form, the oxidizing agents can penetrate the surface, break down the biofilm, and reach contaminants deep into the material.  Instead of prolonged ozone treatments intended drive ozone more deeply into the problem areas, why not follow with a fogging treatment that quickly and effectively goes to where the embedded problems hide?

We like oxidizing agents because they are nature's basic cleaning and sanitizing agents.  Whether gaseous or aqueous, oxidizers do great things without chemical additives that are semi-toxic or leaving an unfriendly residue behind.  After more than a year of research, the best of the best aqueous oxidizing products is the NeoSan Restoration.  This product is not sold to the public and is considered a proprietary secret of the most successful decontamination product anyway, and it is eco-safe, and non-toxic.

Restoration, like ozone, will destroy odors at the source, kill mold and mildew, sanitize from all types of germs, and neutralize pollutants in a quick treatment.  So, we can faithfully use the oxidize principles but hit the problem from two critical angles.

Try running your ozone equipment for just 2-3 hours, then follow with a good fogging with Restoration.  The overall performance will be nothing short of amazing.  Read More