New Medical Study Shows that Ozone kills Coronavirus

We have numerous calls coming in to ask if ozone will kill coronavirus, COVID-19.  We already know that ozone has successfully killed previous coronavirus threats.  We now have the first documented report from an authority source that ozone should kill the COVID-19, but more testing is needed to confirm the efficacy of ozone on the latest coronavirus.  

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This is great news for anyone with an ozone generator, and motivation to buy a professional ozone generator with a built-in timer.  The timer is very crucial as there is no need to over-treat the building with ozone.  A one-hour treatment at 4-5 ppm is sufficient to kill all types of pathogens including Ebola, MRSA, SARS, and coronaviruses.  Studies show that 30-60 minutes at 4-5 ppm ozone saturation will kill off nearly all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Elevated levels of ozone area only applied in vacant buildings/areas because ozone is a respiratory irritant.  However, the ozone reverts to typical O2 in about 30 minutes.  Or, just let in fresh air for a few minutes to allow normal activity to resume.  Repeat the treatment as desired, and follow the other known disease prevention steps.

For those who are called on to clean and sanitize buildings, we suggest the GCI course, "Infection Control for Cleaning Service Workers" found on the homepage..