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We welcome Australians to the National Ozone Association providing remediation services for odor removal, mold remediation, infection control, and industrial use of ozone.  We are  making life better with natural solutions, and ozone is a natural solution.  At NOAI, professionalism is important, and our goal is to set a national standard of excellence in the following ozone service sectors: Odour removal, Mould Services, Allergy Relief, Dust Cleaning, and other services using ozone at some level.

One of the greatest challenges to the concept of ozone is the difference between a local ozone treatment and the ozone layer.   These are two completely different subjects.  The difference would be like the breeze that cools you on a hot day and a storm that tears away buildings.  How we use a tool can make it a blessing or a curse.  A hatchet can be used to clear away brush or threaten a life.  Ozone is part of nature, and it is a friend to our very existence.  

The reason that ozone is a concern on hot days is that it is made by sunlight (UV rays actually) in an oxygen environment.  Ozone fights against pollution, but some pollution combined with ozone can still be harmful.  Don't blame ozone though.  Water mixed with dirt makes muddy water, but water is not bad.  

Up high, ozone in the stratosphere filters the damaging UV from the sunlight making our lives better.  So, we worry about ozone depletion around the earth.  However, where in abundance fighting ozone down low or the lack of ozone up high to filter UV light, ozone is nature's gift to a better life for all of us.

But, let's turn our attention to services using ozone to treat odors, infection, and mould.  Services will bring in ozone generators to destroy these environmental threats.  But, did you know that ozone is just another form of oxygen?  The air you breathe is )2 (two atoms of oxygen), but ozone is O3 (three atoms of oxygen).  So, there are not chemicals introduced.  There are no resources depleted, and there is no waste from the process!  This must be consider a sustainable and environmentally-smart solution.  Did you also know that ozone reverts back to O2 oxygen in about 20 minutes?

Given the alternatives of chemical cleaning products, the spread of disease, or concerns for mould on families and workers, where is the real threat?  Nature provides us with water, sunlight, and air.  All are intended for our health regardless of the misapplications or imbalances that may exist.  The National Ozone Association invites ozone services in Australia to connect with a growing network of ozone services providers in the U.S., Canada, South America, England, and Europe to share in an effort to fairly represent the professional uses of ozone and promote the best practices for ozone treatments.

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