Liquid Oxidizers rival Gas Oxidizers

There is a a lot of interest in the service industry concerning remediaiton products.  Ozone is a gas system that creates ozone in high concentrations to treat odor, mold, or infection problems.  The upside of gas is that it is taken from the natural supply of oxygen in the air, and reverts back to normal oxygen about a half hour later.  The downside is the length of time it takes to perform a remediation, and the ligering ozone smell once the treament is complate.

Yes, ozone is remarkably effective.  We all wonder if there is a liquid version of an oxidation process that equals ozone

In fact, hydrogen peroxide has an available oxygen atom just like ozone that will oxidize all types of environmental threats.  Just using hydrogen peroxide along is an effect concept.  High levels of hydrogen peroxide will be corrosive and tend to bleach goods.  Decon Five is a very unique blend of a hydrogen peroxide (about 4%, which is quite low) with other inert ingredients and a remarkable blend of surfactants.  The product is applied in a mist to all types of goods without harm.  But, the use of Decon Five rivals what ozone does.

This always triggers questions if we are abandoning ozone.  Both are oxidizing agents using extra oxygen atoms to treat multiple types of ennvironmental threats.  We actually like the combination of ozone and Decon Five for a powerful combination that shortens the time on the job while delivering a better end result.  In other words, a four to six hour ozone treatment might be just two hours followed by the Decon Five Spray.  This is like a "One-Two Punch" that improves the over-all impact of the treatment without leaving the strong ozone smell for a day or two.

We do find that very bad odor problems, like a lady who has kept six dogs and ten cats for years, need a lot more than an ozone treatment.  Once the cleaning effort has been made, we may use a period of heavy ozone treatment, then follow the next day with Decon Five.  In the end, the more complete your effort, the better the results will be.  

As an applicator, there is another advantage.  For all your hard work to build a good business, what keeps someone from buying an ozone machine online and cutting you out of the picture.  By using the combination of ozone and Decon Five, you have a proprietary service that others cannot match.  And, enterprising customers cannot get the same product and replace your service.