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The OMG Network is a direct source for mold remediation services, sanitizing professionals, odor removal, and IAQ problems.  Our people are local, offer fair pricing, and customer assurance for a quality solution.

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Infection ControlWe now offer a fully-updated course called "Infection Control for Cleaning Service Workers".  This comes from the Green Clean Institute, a 15-year-old training and certification organization, and it has the latest instruction for cleaning, sanitizing, and prevention concepts any cleaning service worker needs to know.  Some things you already know (handwashing, etc), but other ideas are ahead of the curve.  This is a 30-minute video course that is ready to go with online testing and certification from the Green Clean Institute.

COURSE FEE $100 for course, testing, and certification per person

... $100 USD for the online course

This course is designed for service workers who are called upon to clean and sanitize disease infected buildings.  We cover all the basic training elements and also include smart, innovative methods that extend the infection control.  Many companies now want top-draw, trained and certified workers to clean and sanitize their buildings.  Training and certification reduces fear, improves performance, and makes our communities safer.  

No cleaning and sanitizing program provides 100% guarantees.  The real goal is to reduce the rate and spread of infection until a vaccine is available.  The Green Clean Institute has been the leader of cleaning services and we are happy to provide their course to our members and friends.  

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