Ozone Training and Certification from NOAI

O3 TrainingThe National Ozone Association has existed for a decade to educate and promote the best practices for professional remediation services.  What surprises many is that the Certified Ozone Technician course covers more than a fantastic education in ozone.  Over the years, we have seen that remediation professionals do not rely on one idea or tool.  So, we have included so much more in the 2020 version that colleges and training centers now request our course.

There is a lot to learn about ozone that you will not find by search the misinformation on the Internet.  We examine the types of ozone generators which their best and worst features without the bias that comes from companies that sell their brand.  

A full education should include ozone, hydroxyls, types of filtration systems, probiotics and enzymes, and how various concepts are used to maximize the success of the treatment.  But, the facts and fundamentals are not enough.  Nearly all the people taking our training are professionals or those looking to start a professional service business.  So, the training moves from basic facts to applications and services.

From applications, the training moves to business basics and marketing.  The goal is to lay a strong education followed by a proven path to a functioning business without the pitfalls of inexperience.

The National Ozone Association is the best reliable source for ozone training as it is the only national organization for ozone services.  We have been hands-on for years to find the best treatments for odors, mold, toxic conditions, and sanitizing services.  LINK