New Improved Ozone Training

Ozone TrainingThe National ozone Association is the most recognized source for ozone training and certification.  We are rolling out the latest and best Certified Ozone Technician training ever.  We have found the videos are much better than pages of text.  So, we have revamped the information and made the course 90% video and 10% text.

More than learning about all that ozone can do, we are dealing with the whole arena of "Oxidative Solutions"  that are simply outstanding.  Ozone is a tool, and know how to solve problems is the real value of your business.  The Certified Ozone Technician training is 100% online and is the best training on the subject.

More than the training, we have to best equipment, guidance to start your business, and the best marketing program anywhere.

It is a huge mistake to buy an ozone generator first from an online promoter who offers little more than a pamphlet on getting started.

The National Ozone Association offers the best training and the best marketing.  You can see an example of our market support by visiting  What you will find is that we have improved on the message and value of marketing your service.  It is not enough to just offer sanitizing now.  Your service needs to treat multiple problems for the same price.

After COVID-19 has run its course, we know that sanitizing services will struggle to maintain their value to businesses.  What has always been the mainstay of our service is odors, toxic buildings, and even mold.  Sanitizing was usually the last thing people were requesting.  COVID-19 changed the normal order and sanitizing became number one overnight.

We know that the other issues still exist.  Sanitizing is still important, but not as urgent sa it used to be.  The ozone service is still a good business, but you need to offer more than the others.  Working with the National Ozone Association will improve the potential of success and allow you to get up-to-speed in as little as thirty days.