Certified Ozone Technician Training

Credentials do matter.  People want to know that you are professional and well trained.  Our ozone training is not only the best, it comes with the best certification.  This means a credential that you can proudly display.  The curriculum is 100% on line, including the test, and it is full of the very best information on the ozone business.  Frankly, the $99 fee is far less than we should charge, but we want everyone to get this training.  The fee is just $99 for an extensive ozone technician course that every service provider needs to take, and you will get the Certified Ozone Technician certificate and logo as well.

Best Practices for Ozone TreatmentsNow in 2017, we have added the much needed "Best Practices for Ozone Remediation" aas a 40 page document that is one of the most helpful guides for professional ozone remediation.  This is a $50 value is bought by itself, by added to the process of professional ozone training.

There is a lot a misguided information about ozone, and there are many things that make a professional service much better than amateurs who bought a unit of the Internet.  If you are a driven to be a professional, you will want this certification.

Why?  NOAI is the largest professional ozone organization in the country for the ozone business, and we want to grow to become the recognized source of the ozone industry.  This allows us to reach into corporations because we have members everywhere, and that can be more business for you.   

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