Certified Ozone Technician Training

Credentials do matter.  People want to know that you are professional and well trained.  Right now, too many well-intended people are doing poor work.   Our ozone training is not only the best, it comes with the best certification.  This means a credential that you can proudly display.  The curriculum is 100% on line, including the test, and it is full of the very best information on the ozone business.  Frankly, the $99 fee is far less than we should charge, but we want everyone to get this training.  The fee is just $99 for an extensive ozone technician course that every service provider needs to take, and you will get the Certified Ozone Technician certificate and logo as well.

Knowledge and Credentials can bring in the better jobs and allow people to have confidence in the quality of your work.


TRAINING, CERTIFICATION, and MEMBERSHIP: As we move into 2018, we have something new.  Choose to take our Certification for Ozone Training, Join and get Membership Benefits, or both.  This makes getting off to a good start very affordable.  So, here's the deal.  Join the monthly subscription, and get the following: (Password Access)
  - NEW in 2018:  We include an extra course on "Liquid Oxidizers" that are adding new dimensions to this service industry.  While others are stuck in the past, we are at the cutting edge that is greatly improving result and increasing the income.  Your training includes the best solutions and money-making strategies.  
  - Discounts on ozone generators and important products
  - Get the Certified Ozone Technician for $79 instead of the normal $99
  - Get Advanced Courses for $50 instead of $75
  - We just released our 2018 marketing campaign with national impact.
  - Attend any of our two-day live classes for Advanced Certification and Protocols with a $100 discount.
  - Get free call-in support for your questions

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