Odor Problem: Pet Urine and Carpet Cleaning

Pet Urine Odor ProblemOdor removal is not an exact science.  To be frank, you cannot make badly used carpet into what like was when new.  The nature of a remediation service is to restore the house, carpet, room, or furniture back to its best condition.  Pet urine in carpet is a classic and troublesome issue.  

Typical carpet cleaning is done with low-moisture systems that basically treat the uppermost part of the carpet.  There is a lot of debris and dirt in the tufts and loops of your carpet.  Vacuuming helps, but carpet cleaning adds cleaning solutions and water to loosen the dirt and extract it out.  There are all kinds of carpet cleaning systems, but they mostly deal with whatever is above the carpet backing, and do not get to the backing or the padding below.

Pet urine, however, is not a surface issue.  The nature of the weave is to create a breathable cover that will allow spills and pet urine to soak through the carpet, backing, and into the padding.  The urine may even get down to the sub-flooring (wood), and carpet cleaning can't solve that problem.  Just to be clear, carpet cleaning is a needful and beneficial process.  To keep a good house, regular vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum is recommended, and carpet cleaning should be done as recommended by the manufacturer.

Most carpet cleaning use "Low Moisture" processes so there will be a quick drying time.  This sets up an unfair advantage because the pet urine had a lot of water and has gone down further than the cleaning process effectively treats.  Therefore, what I am going to suggest breaks from the low-moisture concept.  We must reach the problem where it is, and it would be good if we were just adding more soaps and chemicals to the accumulation.

The solution is a spot treatment for pet urine problems that could undo most of the pet urine threats.  In addition to ozone, we use a liquid treatment on the urine spots that goes down to the subfloor.  One of the liquids that we like is a special blend of probiotics that can be quickly mixed with water and used to saturate the area.  

It will help to know that pet odor is 90% bacterial, and maybe 10% urine smell.  Pet urine is a food source for bacteria.  Bacteria eat away at organic sources, and what they offgas is the foul odor.  People do this too.  We call the offgassing "Farts".  Crude, but now you understand, that billions of bacteria are having a food party around the urine deposits.  They eat, multiply, and fart.  So, if we could kill off the bacteria, the smell would greatly decrease to a lesser urine smell.  Ozone is one of the world's best sanitizers.  

For a permanent fix to pet urine and pet odors, start with a good ozone treatment.  Once the ozone treatment is done, treat the area with a fine mist of probiotics.  Apply a heavy does to the urine-soiled areas.  Let the solution saturate the stained areas, then you can wet vac out the excess water.  The probiotics left behind with naturally digest the pet urine reside so that there is no reason for the odor to return.

The dual impact of ozone followed by probiotics treats the whole house with special focus on the carpet and deep urine deposits.