Proven Power to Kill Coronavirus

Decon Five coronavirusWe are very pleased when we can support a non-toxic product that can kill all types of bacteria and virus.  The current interest in COVID-19 or the coronavirus has become an urgent concern for everyone.  Businesses have been immensely impacted by the spread of this highly-infectious disease.

We know that ozone can be used as a sanitizing treatment, but it does not carry an EPA registration or a litany of lab-proven test to support its claims.

NOAI has approved the Decon Five product as a non-toxic, very effective sanitizing and decontamination product.  This product does have EPA approval and a variety of lab test that support its effectiveness.  Here is an except from one report about how Decon Five deactivates pathogens like the coronavirus.

Formulation mechanisms of action:

  • Physically denatures biological agent via a surfactant boring holes in their protein armor

  • Oxidizing agents attack the genetic material (DNA).

  • Hydrolyzing agents attack vital biological agent contents and functions

    EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) registered product as Antibacterial, Cleaner, Mildewstat, Decontaminant, Disinfectant, Deodorizer, Fungicide, Algaecide, and Virucide (Including Norovirus and H1N1).

As you can see, Decon Five has several powerful actions when applied.  One of which is oxidation.  Oxidization is the same process that ozone uses to destroy pathogens without a high pH, emitting more VOCs into the environmental, or leaving a toxic residue.

What should be appreciated is HOW Decon Five kills bacteria and virus.  It does not use harsh ingredients that have a high pH or emit volatile organic compound that add toxins into the workplace, schools, daycare, gym, or office.  A special blend of the activated ingredients literally "bore holes" into the outer membrane allowing the product to destroy the pathogens from the inside out.

The product then destroys the DNA of the pathogen while a hydrolyzing process breaks the pathogen apart.

BOTTOM LINE:  Decon Five kills pathogens in a unique manner not found in other products.  That is why Decon Five is a very Green and eco-safe product.  Decon Five activates when the A and B parts are mixed 50/50.  These ingredients are inert before mixing and return to inert ingredients after they are used.  Decon Five may well be the safest way to treat disease and contamination since basic soap and water.

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