Five Way Sanitized

Sanitizing for COVIDJoin the Five Way Sanitized program.  As this market evolves, your business needs to have an edge.  We need to deliver more value and bring in more business.  The motto is "Why Pay for One Way sanitizing, when you could get Five Way Sanitizing?"  It is crazy to think that we are competing with a single value sanitizing service, when the problems are much bigger and we have a superior solution.

Five Way Sanitized is the newest way to market your service.  While there are a plethora of new, start-up services entering the sanitizing business, you need to take things to a higher level.

While watching all the hype about sanitzing, I realized that everyone was basically offering the same SINGLE SERVICE as the others with their own twist on how much better they were than the other service offering the same service.   (Click the banner below to preview the website)

It struck me that we ALREADY had a BETTER SANITIZING process for the last seven years ... and didn't appreciate that we were already ahead of the competition.  

Look!  Here's the critical question.  "Why pay for ONE BENEFIT or sanitizing, when you could get FIVE BENEFITS for the same money?"

What are those FIVE BENEFITS?

  1. Hospital-grade sanitizing using an EPA registered sanitizer and disinfectant that is also a Green certified product.
  2. Strip the air of all harmful particles floating throughout the building (dust, dirt, chemicals, pollen, allergens)
  3. Kill surface mold and mildew on contact
  4. Detoxify and Decontaminate from years of chemicals and offgassing - called VOCs and TVOCs
  5. Destroy odd odors at the source

But, if you want more, how about the ability to inhibit re-infection for 5-30 days between treatments?  We can add a sixth benefit.  A post-spray of ultra safe probiotics that create a healthy biome that deters re-infection.  

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