Promote Your Ozone Business

If you are in the ozone service business, you already know the internet marketing is more than a cheap website.  Rule #1 for nearly all websites is not to rely on them to drive your business.  It takes a a lot of effort to get a highly-ranked website.  Then, it needs to develop or draw traffic to you site.  But, there is a simple method to promote your website without spending a ton of money with questionable SEO or SEM promotion services.  Fortunately, anyone can do this process.

First of all, make sure your website has a blog built into it.  And, make sure you know how to access and use it.

You need to spend time researching common questions, search phrases, interesting facts, and stories that serve as the topic for a series of articles.  

To makes the most of your topics, the title of the blog article have the key phrase that is artfully used in the first sentence or 100 words.  Make sure the prominent keywords are scattered several times in the article.  If possible, learn how to add meta tags to your article to help the search engines sort out the best search inquiries.  

Every article has a reach many times larger than your website.  Think of blog articles as the vines that spread much further than the trunk.