Effortlessly Sanitize your Building Each Night

Ozone SanitizingThe constant vigilance that now falls on every school, daycare, office, store, and workplace is an essential duty.  The imposition of constant cleaning and sanitizing is either a big investment in manpower to clean and sanitize multiple times per day or pay for a service to do the sanitizing.

COVID-19 is like any other infectious disease in that it is a persistent threat.  Regardless of basic precautions, one asymptomatic person entering the building could compromise your best efforts.  

While maintaining your best efforts to protect your building and customers, we have another suggestion.  Use a timer system to sanitize your office each night.  Ozone is a well-known sanitizing process that can only be operated when the building is vacated.

Purchase an ozone generator with a built-in timer.  This is a countdown timer that turns the unit off after the treatment has run its course.  Add an inline timer from the power outlet that will power-up the ozone generator at 1:00 or 2:00 when people, including the cleaning staff, are not in the building.

The process is simple to install.  You can find a plug-in power cord that has a timer, much like the Christmas tree timer that we have all used before.  This timer will turn on the ozone generator, and the countdown timer will limit the time the ozone generator runs.

Concerns about how ozone generator size and how long to run are not critical.  Ozone sanitizes at any level.  When the unit switches between 15,000 and 30,000 mg/hr, start with 15,000 and increase as needed.  We suggest a cycle or 30-60 minutes is best.  Large areas will need more time and small areas will need less time.

Will a 30-60 minute treatment be enough to fully sanitizing your building?  An ozone treatment is a kind of safety net approach that reinforces your ongoing infection control program.  Do not let down on the protocols that come from professional sources.  The nightly ozone treatment is an additional level of sanitizing that will treat all areas, even the hard-to-reach areas.

As you arrive each morning, there will be the fresh smell that tells you and others that the ozone has done its job.  Reduce an ozone after-smell by letting fresh air in for a few minutes when you arrive.  There is no health concern for ozone levels if it has been more than an hour or two after the treatment has run.