Sanitizing and Indoor Air Quality

The National Ozone Association is breaking ground with a new look at Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  This sector has either been the domain of mold remediators or high-end building services.  Indoor air quality is far more pervasive and prevelant than we know.  

The fact is that "Every Building is Toxic: and presents a health issue to those inside.  It is also true that the level of pollution or toxicity varies greatly. 

What is hard to appreciates is the more people try to clean, sanitize, or solve problems; the worse the problem gets.  The reason is that we almost always use a chemical product to treat an existing problem.  Sanitizing is a prime example.  To kill the bacteria or virus invading our buildings, we buy and use gallons and gallons of chemical to clean and sanitze the building.  This is like purifying water by adding chemicals.  It can be done, but the unintended results may be very unfortunate.

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