Sanitizing Services can Treat Sick Buildings too

IAQ TestingI have an important message for everyone who has jumped into the sanitizing business.  You are treating ONE PROBLEM and ignoring five other problems.  In fact, the service you are offering may actually be making the problem worse. 

Sanitizing is just one factor for the indoor environment.  Bacteria and viruses have always been around, and some have been pretty nasty.  COVID-19 is the seventh version of the coronavirus, but it was the worst virus in more than 50 years because it was so infectious and sometimes deadly. 

Until COVID-19 sanitizing was maybe #5 of six indoor environmental concerns.  Now, it is #1, but that standing is bound to depreciate after the virus has reached more people. 

What will happen to your service post-COVID-19?  I dare say that many of the overnight sanitizing services will not survive.


70% of all buildings are toxic or semi-toxic.  This condition is making more people sick and suffer than COVID-19.  It is only that COVID-19 can kill people faster.  In fact, the toxic air in the building is a long-term killing threat.  Toxic buildings give normal people headaches and cause fatigue.  

For people with allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities, respiratory problems, and suffering from chronic disease ... the impact is much worse.

The problem is that VOCs, toxic air, and pollution are silent and invisible killers.  Well, no more!

By using a reliable IAQ Meter, people can see the real environmental threat that has very real consequences.  This is why we spent a lot of time searching for the most affordable IAQ meter under $400.  Some professional IAQ meters can cost $1500 to $2000.  Technology has brought us a new generation of IAQ meters that anyone can afford.

Frankly, some of the under $400 IAQ meters are unreliable and and do not test the air consistently.  After trying dozens of IAQ meters, we found one that is very affordable and works well.

This IAQ meter is $199 and available to professionals.  But there is more...

We promote a great EPA registered sanitizing and disinfectant that is also Green certified, so it will not worsen the IAQ condition after the treatment,  But that is only ONE benefit of the Decon Five product.  When fogged, Decon Five "Strips the Air" of particulates.  It will also kill mold and mildew.  It will destroy odors at the source.  And, it will detoxify and decontaminate the building. 

Suddenly, your sanitizing business is on steroids compared to the single-benefit sanitizing services.  

Use the IAQ meter to show your customers the real condition of the building regardless of COVID-19.  Then, tell the customer that your service solves FIVE IAQ problems that most other services make worse.