Five Way Sanitized for HVAC Services

Five Way Sanitized

The name literally says it all.  Five Way Sanitized is the very best sanitizing and IAQ treatment for home, workplace, gyms, stores, and public buildings.  The goal is to bring a wide variety of service providers as Five Way Sanitized services.  No need to change your company name; but to offer the service and the door logo, you will want to get into the program.

Our two-step fogging system is very efficient to apply and very effective on five different levels.  The first of which is a hospital-grade sanitizing and distinfectant that is EPA registered and Green certified.  But, there is more to the process than a hit-and-run operation.

More than 70% of buildings are toxic or semi-toxic.  We use an IAQ meter, which is part of the package, to test the building.  Right now, the hot issue is sanitizing against the coronavirus, but there is almost always more going on than the current infection problem.  The air can actually be made more toxic by many of the sanitizing products on the market.

Along with those who are in the sanitizing business, odor removal, cleaning services, or IAQ services; it makes a lot of sense to invite the HVAC service providers to join the process.  The reason is that we address the other important IAQ issues that other sanitizing service are ignoring.

The general public may not know that most buildings are semi-toxic, closed-ventilation systems that constantly recycle years of pollution.  The HVAC filters are helpful, but actually do not remove the worst of the free-floating threats in the building.  Building can be evaluated as Building Related Illness (BRI) or Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) by a few simple tests.

Frankly all buildings are somewhat unhealthy.  But, over 70% of buildings are either semi-toxic or toxic but no one has ever considered the impact of an unhealthy building until we run into a crisis like Legionnaires disease, COVID-19, or a dangerous gas leak in the building.  When people are fainting in the hallways, we realize it is finally time to take action.

Five Way Sanitized is a bold new movement of professional service providers to focus on the latent indoor air quality (IAQ) health threats while they are manageable.  These professionals offer real-time IAQ testing that can determine if the building has any existing IAQ health concerns.  Fortunately, the solution of IAQ problems can be simply managed and need not go to a dangerous event before detection.

COVID-19 WARNING:  Several sanaitizing products and services may kill pathogens in the building, but may also add more toxic chemicals to the air.  Check for a Green certified sanitizing service at