Big Change in Sanitizing Strategy for Coronavirus

There is big news in the latest study of infection transmission for the new coronavirus.  While cleaning and sanitizing is always a basic necessity, the experts are more and more convinced that the disease is being transferred through the air.   And, our solutions need to be more than a surface treatment.  There are TWO MEDIUMS of disease transfer and maybe the air is actually more important than the surfaces.

Of the two mediums of disease transfer (surfaces and airborne), there is no persistent solution that treats the air in a building except for the use of hydroxyl generators.  It is basic science that viruses are so microscopically small that filter, even HEPA filters will not filter out viruses.  Some suggest that the cloth mask can reduce the expulsion of droplets from a cough, but now we find that ultra-fine droplets can pass through masks or escape out the side that float in the air for several hours.

After more than a decade as a practicing Indoor Air Quality Specialist, I see nothing that can adequately treat the air against the coronavirus ... with the exception of hydroxyl generators.  These units are EPA registered sanitizer that literally sanitizes the air in the room on a minute-by-minute.  This means that bacteria and viruses are destroyed in real-time even as a threat is introduced by an infected person unexpectantly entering the room ... even as the threat happens.

Think of this system as killing roaches but not the eggs so that these insidious insects quickly repopulate and spread disease.  Killing the insect without killing their eggs is very shortsighted and allows the threat to ebb and flow with each momentary effort to kill off the bugs. 

Hydroxyl generators were developed for NASA for use in the International Space Station.  They have been mostly ignored because they run in the background and only a few know what is happening in the room.  There is no smell, no health concerns, or negatives.  But, hydroxyl generators do a few very important tasks as they run.  They destroy odors, which is a nice feature.  They kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses floating in the air before they have a chance to land and infect surfaces.

Thirdly, hydroxyl generators detoxify the air from years of toxic chemicals.  Prior to the new coronavirus, hydroxyl generators were used by professionals to neutralize toxic or sick buildings that constantly plagued workers, students, and visitors who struggle with allergies, asthma, chronic illnesses, and chemical sensitivities.  The impact of a professional detoxification and decontamination treatment should be followed by an ongoing treatment with hydroxyl generators.

After a professional sanitizing treatment, the smart decision is to rent or lease hydroxyl generators to provide the "Safety Net" of infection prevention that effectively treats what typical sanitizing is done.  

The reality is that "surface cleaning and sanitizing" does not last and does not solve the infectious threats in the air.  Cleaning and sanitizing are important but will only last for minutes or hours as normal activity resumes.  Find a sanitizing service in your area to locate a professional that does more than typical sanitizing, but offers a powerful and persistent solution to the constant threat of infectious diseases.