Start a Better Sanitizing Service

Start an Ozone BusinessSanitizing is now a huge issue, but the competition is growing.  If you want to win more jobs and survive the post-COVID era, deliver more than just sanitizing.  

Whether you are already in some type of cleaning, sanitizing, or remediation service; you will want to cover more than one issue ... such as sanitizing. 

Prior to COVID-19, the concerns were odor, mold, and toxic building conditions.  Sanitizing was an afterthought.  Sanitizing is not at the top of the list, but will fade in the urgency area.  Sanitizing will start to normalize, and companies will turn to in-house cleaning and sanitizing until the next scare comes along.

COVID-19 was the latest of seven coronavirus epidemics, and we will see more coronavirus events.  Therefore, there will be a need for professional sanitizing services, but not at such a high demand rate.

My suggestion is to go back to basics and focus on the "other threats" in the building.  These are odors, mold, particulates, and toxic and polluted indoor air quality (IAQ).

Why offer ONE SERVICE such as sanitizing, when your company can deliver FIVE SERVICES at the same time and at the same price?

You will need a few tools to do this well.  A very good sanitizing product that is a "Broad Spectrum" treatment.  Decon Five delivers a hospital grade sanitizing value, but it does much more.  Decon Five will strip the air of particulates, kill mold and mildew on contact, and it will neutralize VOC and pollution in the building.  The product EPA registered as a sanitizer and disinfectant, and it is Green certified.

Next you will need some equipment.  Fortunately, the equipment is not a heavy investment.  We have chosen a reliable IAQ meter for our package, a moisture probe, a ULV fogger, and a supply of Decon Five.  We include training, doorseals, and marketing material for $495 for anyone wanting to improve their service and overpower the competition.

More importantly, we are offering a video class on how to use the IAQ testing to truly impress customers and get more business.  We are also available by phone to help you get your business started.