How to Start an Ozone Business 2021

Ozone TrainingStarting an ozone business is not as simple as buying an ozone generator online and posting your new business on Facedbook.  The ozone market has a varied mixture of amateurs, promoters, and professionals.  It is easy to follow an YouTube promoter who makes money selling their version of ozone generator but doesn't care if you survive or fail once the purchase is made.

My suggestion for anyone who wants to start an ozone business is to connect with the National Ozone Association (NOAI) to build on a more sure foundation.  This starts with taking the Certified Ozone Technician course (just $149) so you actually understand best uses of ozone along with its limitations.  You will also hear of other similar processes that you will want to consider.  For example, the option of using something like a "Liquid Ozone" that is applied in a mist is extremely useful to any service.

As a business, you do not want to be a "One Trick Pony" that uses ozone in every example.  Sometimes, you need some additional tools that help you adjust the best treatment to the job.  Our training includes the three primary tools you need to service a variety of challenges in the field.

The ability to market and grow your service shouldn't be guesswork and good luck.  The National Ozone Association has trained hundreds of people to start and grow their business.

The Certified Ozone Technician is the only authorized certification course by the National Ozone Association although off-brand companies promote training or certification courses as a way to sell their ozone equipment.  Product manufacturers are not legitimate certification programs since they are vested in sales and not professional standards.

The successful completion of the Certified Ozone Technician course is the online exam, and official NOAI certificates are sent to each student.

What follows is the support and mentoring of real professionals in the ozone industry.  Any student can call, email, or access the staff and resources of the National Ozone Association as they build their business.  In the event that the graduate has a problem or question, our office is only a phone call away.

The support of the National Ozone Association is not a guarantee of success, but it does greatly increase the odds that your business will grow or succeed.  Anyone can either start small with just a $149 training and certification course, or can purchase a "Business in a Box" that has everything needed to jumpstart their ozone business.

When working with the National Ozone Association, you know that we are already ahead of the curve and ready to expand your abilities.  For example, ozone is a subset of the Indoor Air Quality services.  So, when you are ready to expand your skills and services, we offer the IAQ Specialist course.  Learn about test meters, other IAQ issues, sanitizing, sick buildings, and more in the IAQ Specialist course either as a stand-alone course or it is part of the "Business in a Box" offer along with all the equipment you need.