Starting an Ozone Business Secrets to Success

For those who are considering or have started an ozone business, whether for sanitizing, odor removal, solving sick buildings, or mold remediation, you need to connect with NOAI Certified for a variety of reasons.  The collective experiences of NOAI members is a huge resource.  Over the years, we have seen it all and done it all.  Personally, I have worked to resolve all types of IAQ issues, and been brought in to consult on any number of remediation problems.

Rather than delve into the special types of problems, I thought it would be good to center on the simple elements of starting an ozone business.  The secrets to success are partly about the person, their skills, and their drive.  But, I believe everyone will agree with these basic words of wisdom that allow anyone to push through to greater success.

Once on the path, it is common to watch great expectations turn into stagnation.  Without an "Action Plan" it is easy to waste time, money, and opportunity slip away.  So, my number one rule is "Do something every day to make your business happen."  This means that you must install a proactive spirit into your mind.  Win, lose, or draw; you must put forth an adventuresome spirit that is unwilling to be ignored.  I have a brief outline of the Action Plan for those who request it.  Basically, an Action Plan sets a monthly income goal, and then breaks this down to weekly performance or income goal.  But, at the heart is the scheduling of Daily Tasks that should produce the results.  

Instead of wondering what you will do each day.  You have daily chores that are purposeful activity that may seem harder than you expected, but do it anyone.  Activity always precedes results.  Inactivity generally produces failure.

NEW in 2021:  We have expanded our Ozone Business package to include the IAQ options.  We have added the VOC meter to evaluate toxic building conditions, a particle meter with PM 2.5 and PM 10, and a moisture probe that is easy to use.  We have added the all new IAQ specialist course to the package as well as the marketing materials.

Anyone considering the ozone business need to take advantage of our TOTAL PACKAGE that allows anyone to start up their business in 30 days or less.


Secret number two is listing your contacts and previous connections.  I have found that contacting my past friends, contacts, and even loose contacts to "Update them on what I'm doing now" is like looking for gold in a pile of rocks containing a few gold nuggets.  These are not sales calls.  These are goodwill calls that turn into a kind of outreach of "Who do you know that I should contact?"  By constantly exploring the extended area of influence you have, and your contacts have, you will find people who need to hear from you.  Always, always take a moment to briefly say what you do, then ask if they know anyone who needs your kind of help.

Third, what sectors do you have experience?  If you worked in real estate, explore the several areas and contact you have in those sector.  If you worked in restaurants, find a way to open that door.  The same for health care, property management, cleaning services, or government operations.  Your history may be an easy entry point if you can suggest solutions to their needs.  

Finally, keep your eyes open for problems that you can address.  In college, I had a carpet cleaning service.  Advertising was beyond my budget, but one day we ate at a Perkin's Pancake House.  The carpets were awful.  In fact, I even wondered if I could clean them.  We approached one of the owners asking for him to give us a try.  It was hard work, but we did a great job.  We eventually cleaned  the carpets in a dozen Perkins Pancake Houses and this opened the doors to other similar restaurants in the area.  Things worked out well, but it took a big chance to win the prize.

Here's my best advice to succeed in the ozone business.  Do not waste one day or one option.  Fear and the unknown are like glue on the bottom of your running shoes.  On the other side of the "Shot in the Dark" is the golden ring.  It felt good to get those checks each month from those stores.  We had money to pay bills, buy something nice, and grow the business.  It wouldn't have happened if I wasted the opportunity to open that door.