Should You Start Your Own Business?

Start an Odor Removal BusinessAs the sun sets on COVID-19 and the working world stumbles out of the cave of despair and into the light of a new day, the question is what opportunities lie ahead instead of what was left behind.  That is to say, the next phase of life can be new open doors that we had not considered before.  Change is not a bad event for us but may offer the ability to see and appreciate what we had not considered before.

If this unsettling period disrupted your life and removed what was normal for you, do not dwell on what you lost but what you have been given.  A young Joseph was sold into slavery by his envious brothers to eventually become the highest ruler in Egypt.  Even millionaires have lost their fortunes only to gain it back in larger amounts.  

Without the pep talk, there is now a need for service providers who will break open new ground as environmental services.  We have promoted our services to solve problems of odors, mold, and germs for years.  Suddenly, germs have become a huge problem and need more services to solve the biggest threat of our generation.  The impact of COVID-19 has literally stopped and maimed business and commerce everywhere.  Jobs were lost, stores and businesses have closed their doors for good, and we are still not out of the woods.

The size of the problem is massive!  But, does this not create a need for solutions?  Such is the nature of how fortunes are made.  Find the need ... fill the need.  Do it now, do it well, and take advantage of this vast hole in society to grow your service into something amazing.

You can wait for someone else to figure this out and jump in late in the game.  Or you can use the business incubator of the National Ozone Association to quickly get your business off the ground and develop your service into something great.

You may be too young to remember trucks and vans in every city that went around collecting dirty baby diapers to be cleaned and returned.  This happened after World War II and the soldiers came home to start their families.  It was called "The Baby Boom".  If you never smelled a bucket of soiled baby diapers waiting to be laundered, you are more than lucky.  This was also a time when there were not washers and dryers in every home.

Someone thought of a "Diaper Service" to solve the problem, and an industry exploded around an awful-smelling chore.  Weird, but true.  

Right now, billions are being spent on a vaccine for COVID-19.  The need is huge and money is being spent in unbelievable amounts.  Find the need ... fill the need.

Is there a need for services that can sanitize, remove odors, resolve sick and toxic buildings, treat mold, and solve building threats.  Absolutely!  There are associated areas of post-fire, flood-cleanup, removing smells from real estate, and sanitizing schools and workplaces.

Where to start?  We have the training, marketing, equipment, and product in one package.  It is possible to start a profitable business in 60-90 days because we all know that the NEED is already knawing at every type of business.  The new era will spawn some great businesses.  Learn more