Success in any Business

Success is a commitment to stepping up and doing your best each day.  It does not come from just bold dreams, but bold actions when you step out of your comfort level and push beyond the common things that other are doing.  I have come to the belief that success is an uncommon achievement that takes an uncommon effort from all who want to succeed.  This reward is available to all but acquired by those who dare to stretch the limits of their abilities.

Success means not only taking a chance, but making a smart choice knowing that failure is merely learning how to do you task better the next day.  Failure is where we all start.  Early in life, we are all failure at riding a bike, dancing, or weightlifting until we fail a few times and learn the stair steps to our best aspirations.  

Failure is an ever present shadow as we step into the sunlight.  Not matter our progress over the years, that shadow is always there.  The only way to loose your shadow is to stay in the dark, avoid the sun, and convince ourselves that dark is actually good.  We endure know that failure is for a moment and as necessary as a child learning his multplication tables.

Do not rely on luck for it is as fickle as the wind.  It can blow against you or propel you from behind.  Good fortune is more often allotted to the diligent, dogged, dedicated than those who patiently wait their turn.

You see, there is the safety of a job which also dampens the height of your success as well as the depth of your failure.  Jobs are the safe route that most will adopt and that is a good and noble choice for a vast number of the population.  Working at a job joins many people to the success of the leadership, and that again is not a bad choice.

As an entrepreneur, you decouple from from sharing in the success of others and step into the light of brilliant opportunity.  While we learn from the mistakes and successes of others, we blaze our our course in the direction of our choice.  Your course will not be problem-free, clearly marked with directional signs, or comfortable.

In the end, the best advice is not to tease as success hoping it will unfold with a touch.  Success is more like breaking glass or chopping trees to get to your destination.  With appreciation for study and training, success is a deliberate desicion followed by a unabashed and unflinching effort that takes you out of the common path and your own comfort zone.

In the words of Yoda, "Do or do not.  There is no try."