This is not What You Expect

After over seven years of helping hundreds start their ozone business, we have decided to do more to boost the success of our members.  The pitfalls of starting or running a business are many, and a few unintended mistakes can limit or kill the success you expect.  Too often, the preparation for a remediation service is a "Self Education" via the Internet that was faulty and missing some very important insights.  Our program is not about selling equipment, like most.  We believe that there is a huge market for a truly professional and well-prepared business person.

So, in addition to the online training and certification course, we now include the ability to attend the two-day live Advanced Bioremediation Training and Certification course in your business package.  The business package now includes more advanced training and tools that we didn't have available a few years ago.  In addition to ozone, we now have a spray oxidizing process that can solve the tough jobs and speed up time on the job.

Why struggle with DYI mistakes when you have our years of experience is your for just $2500?  Your package includes:

     1- Online Certified Ozone Technician course
     2- Two 32G ozone generators
     3- A ULV fogger with hose
     4- Foaming Sprayer
     5- A Supply of Decon Five
     6- A complete marketing system that makes this a turn-key program
     7- We have a series of important online classes that allow you to grow your business
     8- And, we offer a year of direct access to our business mentoring

The successful business does not get stuck on one aspect of treatment.  Your success is being able bring highly-effective solutions to a myriad of environmental problems.  For example, carpet cleaning services can improve their service and profits by offering to remove odors in more than carpets.  Others service the used car industry with success.  Others work with the property management sales and services.

As a NOAI member, we offer the guidance and training that increases the probability of success for your endeavor.