Become the Solution for the Market You Want

Whether you are in the ozone business, or planning to get into the ozone business; every business advocate will strongly encourage you to "Know Your Customer".   The biggest issue is what WE THINK will be a great idea doesn't match what other think is a great idea.  Far too often, the enthusiasm for a great concept like ozone pushes eager entrepreneurs to jump into something prior to knowing the best path to follow on this new journey.  

I wholehearted believe in the ozone business as a fantastic idea, but getting people on the right path is like herding chickens.  So, I am going to offer a philosophy that might shed light on the best path going forward.  In the Disney Nemo picture, I was amused that the seagulls all sounded like they were saying "Me, Me, Me ...".  Pretty funny, but not a bad example of what start-up businesses sound like.  They want the world to know that they are here, and they want your business.  So, they are characteristically like the "Me, Me seagulls" in that animated film.

You don't know critical concept as deeply as you should.  We all feel that the most important person in the world is ME, and the most urgent issues are MINE.  Eventually, society and you mother teach us to consider the feeling of others, to be kind, and even caring.  

Okay, we are older now, but we are still learning some basic truths.  In business, it is not about WHAT YOU OFFER, but WHAT PEOPLE NEED or WANT.  The question is very introspective.  Do people NEED what I want?  You cannot WANT it for them, no matter how logical it seems to you.  

It is your job to "Become the Solution" to what urgent issues/needs/wants that people have in the world beyond you.  

Here's a question, "Is business about making money?"  For you, it is!  For others, it isn't.  You making money is not a concern of others.  They pay money only as they must.  There is a threshold of need a customer must have to empty their pocket and fill yours.  Overcoming that threshold is a major concern for your service business.  Literally, how much do people need what you offer, or can they ignore that need in favor of more pressing issues.

I am going to define some key markets for out NOAI members that will help anyone understand the fundamentals of a service business and how to turn them into a success.  If you are a NOAI member, I feel this will be a great primer on the critical issues that put our service industry on target for success.  I am going to explain the fundamentals that have only a little to do with some of the technical skills you may be addressing.   Please be sure to have your NOAI membership up-to-date, and if you are unsure of your active status, just email me at

If you are intent on breaking through to a successful service business in 2017, I invite you to a series of updates that I am terming "Service as a Solution".  In April, I hope to culminate these ideas in a special one-time business seminar for the most committed people anxious to create a very successful and profitable business in the new year.