Treating Mold with Ozone

It is true that ozone will kill mold, and that is good news for many who are looking for a simple process to treat mold in their home or business.  To kill mold, you will need several hours of a high-saturation of ozone saturation.  It is unlikely that a 5000 mg/hr machine is up to the task.  

Experts know that if you disturb mold by tearing out the material or scrubbing the mold area.  When ozone is used, the process kills the mold without triggering the natural defensive reaction of firing off spores.  

This does not mean that the job is done with a simple ozone treatment.  More often the damaged and molded areas should be removed, the area cleaned and treated, and any water leak fixed so the problem does not reoccur.  Surface mold differs from mold problems that are hidden behind the wall and eventually break through to the painted side.

Another liquid oxidation process uses Decon Five sprayed onto all molded areas.  This traps the mold and kills it before it can fire the spore.  If there are spores in the area, which is to be expected; the fogging process strips the air and destroys the mold spores.  This can also be used after an ozone treatment, but is most often a single solution to treating mold.

More and more professionals are moving to this EPA registered, environmentally-safe product to treat even the worst mold problems.  Decon Five is a better solution to treating mold.