Using Fans with an Ozone Generator

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Have you heard that ozone is heavier than air and needs fans to push the ozone throughout the treatment area?  There is some truth and some myth in this bit of advice. 

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When ozone is created, we take an O2 molecule, break it apart, and reform it into 03.  So, there is one more oxygen atom in this molecule.  That makes it heavier by roughly one-third.  This is actually a kind of non-issue in most remediation cases where we are not in lab-controlled circumstances.

The solutions are to place the ozone generator higher off the floor, turn on the HVAC fan and room fans to better facilitate the spread of ozone.  

Some well-intended ozone professional buy over-sized ozone generators loosely-rated at 40,000, 60,000, 80,000, and even 100,000 mg/hr.  By the way these rates are based on pure oxygen air feed.  In reality, since there is only 21% of oxygen in the air, these units are acutally rated much lower than their public claims.  See Ozone Output Rating article

One underlying mistake is buying large ozone units and placing them in one central location.  Why pay for a huge machine, haul it from job to job, and stop your business if the thing breaks down?  We are much more interested in placing multiple smaller units in the treatment areas and relying on available fans when possible.

The even application of ozone is poorly service by one large 60,000 to 100,000 unit in a central location.  The well-informed ozone professional will be better off to buy 1-4 ozone generators that are rated in the 30,000 mg/hr range.  This would be a 6,000 mg/hr output using ambient air, which is plenty of fire power.  Then, add or remove units as the need requires.  Two or three ozone generator placed strategically thoughout the building is much better than one, large ozone generator that requires services to drag around several fans to spread the ozone through the treatment areas.