Wave Six-Stage Air Filter

Wave Air FilterNo matter way system you use to solve odor issues, you may be only solving one part of the overall problem.  Not to mention that odors may be embedded meaning they may return after the treatment has be applied.

The reason we like the Wave six-stage filter is that it is compact, well designed, easy to service .... and it is an effective long-term solution.  We have found that odor and environmental issue were years in the formation and do not easier resolve in one treatment.  So, how could we make any service better?  We also are concerned for the customer satisfaction and avoiding a return visit if the problem comes back, even in a small way.

Why not add this concept to what you offer as a TOTAL SOLUTION to odors, mold, germs, and particulates?  A HEPA filter does one thing nicely.  It takes out more of the particles in the air, but does nothing for odors, pollutants, and germs.  

The Wave filter system has a unique and effective solution.  While this isn't a cheap solution, it is an effective solution.  It has a cleanable filter, a HEPA filter, a quality carbon filter, and a titanium oxide (Tio) screen activated by a quality germicidal UV light.  All in one handsome unit.  Dimensions are 24" high by 13" wide by 8" depth.  Weight is about 13 pounds.  But, there is a lot to this filtration system that is working behind a sleek design.

Here's what I am finding.  Particle reduction is pretty easy.  Most filter systems can do this.  But, if you have a home that routinely collects dust on flat areas, you need a good particle filter.  I have continuously run a particle meter and the particles, including mold spores, have dropped to very low levels.  

Toxins and pollution that we call VOCs and TVOCs are much hard to solve.  That is were the quality carbon filter, ion creation, and UV light plays a big part.  The VOC/TVOC meter was running about .050 for VOCs and .234 TVOCs, which isn't too bad.  We keep a pretty healthy home with our cleaning products and such.  After 24 hour, the TVOC dropped .001.  And the HCHO (formaldehyde) dropped to .038.  As I suspected, it will take much longer to bring down the VOCs than it did the particle count.

Wave air filtration systems are available through professional services.  Contact our office to learn how to offer the Wave air filter to improve your service, contact our office.