How about Liquid Ozone?

There are gaseous ozone and liquid ozone options.  Most people know ozone as a gas made of three connect oxygen atoms.  And ozone actually only does ONE THING, and that is a process called OXIDATION.  One oxygen atom drops off to bond with the target problem to oxidize it.  And in most cases, oxidized materials are made more neutral or canceled.

Ozonated water has been a question for those who like ozone as a gas.  There are some industrial and farm applications for ozonated water, but service companies shy away from ozonated water because there is simply too much water pushed out to treat an area.  Ozone in water is not effectively applied in a fogging application because the ozone is quickly force out of the water.

When it  comes to ozone treatment in residential and commercial building, liquid ozone applications are impractical.

However, it must be noted that there are other oxidizers of equal value to ozone that can easily work in liquid form and can be applied in a fogging system.  Hydrogen peroxide is the liquid cousin of ozone.  When properly stabilized and combined with natural ingredients, we have the equivalent of liquid ozone.

Decon Five ( is the best-formulation of a hydrogen peroxide solution that doesn't push into the high pH zone.  Not only does Decon five favorably compare with gaseous ozone application, it is done more quickly and efficiently that ozone.  As a fog, Decon Five not only neutralizes threat but grabs them and strips the air of particles that ozone cannot do.

Decon Five is an EPA registered solution that offers hospital-grade sanitizing and disinfection.  It also kills mold and mildew on contact.  It destroys odors at the source.  And, it actually detoxifies and decontaminates sick and toxic buildings.  

Unlike bleach, Lysol, or other cleaning and sanitizing products; Decon Five is Green certified and will not leave any toxic residue.  In fact, Decon Five neutralizes toxins and VOCs that are poisoning more than 70% of public buildings.

If you like ozone, you will love Decon Five.  Reduce your ozone treatment time by two-thirds by following with a Decon Five treatment.  Decon Five can also be a stand-alone treatment when ozone is not a good fit.  Both ozone and Decon Five are highly-effective oxidizing treatments.  Decon Five however has five important benefits to the one of ozone.  They are: oxidizer, sanitizer, mold kill, odor removal, detoxification, and strips the air of particulate.