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Xctra Buyer's Club

This may be a very different Christmas for many because the shortages expected are real and immediate issues.  During this time of shortages, we believe that everyone has more than they need and only need a way to share what they have with others.  Each offer earns trade credits that can be used to buy what you need without spending cash.  Our unused abundance can create an amazing supply chain in each and every community.  Xctra Market

Training and Marketing for IAQ service providers

Let NOAI help You Start or Grow your Service business.

Ozone trainingOzone TrainingCERTIFIED OZONE TECHNICIAN
Professional Ozone Services should have NOAI Credentials

Don't buy an ozone generator from an Internet ozone promoter.  Before you take the step into the ozone business, look into the NOAI training for Certified Ozone Technician.

Only $149 to earn your NOAI certification

Our training eliminates big mistakes, offers the best equipment, and actually helps you start and promote your business.

Ozone Remediation

Personal Invitation from Mark Tipton:  For over twenty years, NOAI has been the best-known, most respected ozone training program in the United States, and now in ten countries.  Earning your certifications from NOAI has grown to include recognition by the Green Clean Institute as well.  This is because our program offers Green and Sustainable solutions that actually improve indoor air quality and produce "Healthy Buildings for Healthy People."