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Remediation services are becoming a legitimate industry that still suffers from ill-informed amateurs and self-appointed gurus.  And, the value of ozone treatments is a growing part of many service providers. By joining the NOAI and ERSAI association, you are committing to step up to the higher standards and better services of a professional in the remediation service industry.  Don't go it alone, we are better together.

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The credibility of a national/international organization promoting professional standards for remediation services.
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Ozone is a tool, and this tool can be used to destroy odors, sanitize, kill mold, and neutralize pollution.  We see many service providers who could use ozone as an addon to their business, such as:
  Mold remediation, duct cleaning, veterinary, inspection services, IAQ professionals, carpet cleaning, auto detailing, pest control, and odor mitigation services.  But, do offer ozone treatments ignorantly.  NOAI and ERSAI are your invaluable resources for better and smart services that the community really needs.

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