Too Much Ozone for the Job

There is an occasional issue that we hear about at the offices of the National Ozone Association, and that is over-treatment of house, room, or building during an ozone treatment.  Think of ozone as you might any remediation or cleaning product.  You can use too little, or too much.  Think of cleaning with something as simple as water.  Cleaning a very dirty floor with too little water will make mud.

Best 12 volt Ozone Generator for Car, Truck, and RVs

Best Ozone Generator has just introduced what seems to be the "Best 12 v Ozone Generator" on the market.  This is not some Chinese import.  This quality builder actually fabricates their cases and equipment in the United States.  This means higher quality and far better support.   And, since every ozone generator with any muscle is generally an 110 v system, using 110 v ozone generators in cars and trucks is less-than-handy.

How to Add Ozone to Treat VOCs

Every application we address seems to have its own peculiarities.  So, this section is basic in concept.  If we consider ozone as a form of combustion, the concept is better understood.  Ozone does not eliminate the VOC threat.  It modifies that gas to what we expect to be a less volatile or harmful form.  Because of the reactive nature of ozone, we do not want to inject ozone into the workplace.  It is best applied in the exhaust air system allowing the opportunity for ozone to mix with the gases prior to exhaust into the outside

Neutralizing VOCs with Ozone

The National Ozone Association routinely hears from people about using ozone treatments to cancel or neutralize VOC type gases.  The short answer is that ozone is quite effective in neutralize many VOCs, but take note that the gas does not go away (except by exhausting the air), but is converted or modified.  If the modified end product is less volatile, the process is considered effective.