Five Reasons Hotels Shouldn't Buy an Ozone Generator

Hotels are very concerned for the impression and safety of their facilities, and they are very willing to step up when they find an idea that really works.   Many hotels have heard that ozone clears out odors, sanitizes the room, and even kills the bugs that guests hate.  Often, a manager of a hotel reads an article like this one or has actually hired an odor removal service using ozone.  It doesn't take long before he considers buying an ozone machine and cutting our the middle man.

How Does Ozone Work on Odors?

Everyone wants to know, "Does it really work?"  The answer is "Yes, it does."   Ozone is a very effective odor elimination tool.  The process employed is called oxidation.  The most rapid form of oxidation is fire.  Another form is rust.  Odors like urine give off ammonia-type odors as bacteria feed on the dried urine.  It is a slow process that can take a long time.  What would happen if we could speed that process up a hundred fold?  We do not need to introduce more bacteria to speed things up.