Sanitize Masks and Clothes with Ozone

Since the invasion of COVID-19, we have had numerous questions about sanitizing masks and clothes with ozone.  So, we thought it might be a good idea to describe how to build a super-simple decontamination box.  The process is quick and simple.  It starts with buying a large box at you local store. This is the ozone chamber that might be set up in the garage, even in cold weather.

COVID-19 and HEPA Filters

To be clear, we like and use HEPA filters.  HEPA filter are fantastic for trapping ultra-small particles, including bacteria.  While HEPA filters may incidentally catch virus, but viruses are many times smaller than bacteria and can pass through HEPA filters.  One example is microbial threats is comparing bacteria to the size of a man.  If bacteria were th3 size of a man, a virus would be the size of a mouse.

Ozone Generator Training

Tens of thousands of ozone generators are sold each year.  I makes a world of sense that every purchaser should have some ozone generator training.  The National Ozone Association offers Basic Ozone Training for the non-professional that wants to use ozone correctly.  There is also a Certified Ozone Technician course for those who use ozone generators as part of their service.

Ozone Generators - Size Matters

Buy Ozone GeneratorOne of the most pressing questions when someone is considering buying an ozone generator is the size or volume of ozone output.  This industry seems to be driven by extremes.  Affordable ozone generators are often too small.  Large volume ozone machines are expensive.  It is our hope in this article to help drive the decision-making process.

Ozone Generator Failures

Ozone generator hypeHere's some some reasons why buying your first or next ozone generator is a mistake or a smart decision.  Price is one measure of the quality of the ozone generator, but not the major issue.  We believe that the "Build" or construction is the best way to make your decision on which system to buy.  Unfortunately, most people are not equipped to evaluate the construction, materials, and quality of the unit.